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Information and Comunication Technology

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Organizations are now highly dependent on technology and communications tools for developing their business models; in consequence, technology projects are considered to be major catalysts for change and innovation.

Knowledge and the correct administration of information and communications technology can help a company effectively improve its processes, producing visible results in the organization.

For that reason, the technology area of organizations must report to general management on three basic aspects:

• The result and the return on investments in technology, with tangible and measurable solutions.
• Compliance with the organization's strategic plan.
• The effective and reliable acquisition of the right technology for effectively supporting the business' operations, in such a way as to avoid unnecessary costs.

The teams in our Information and Communications Systems and Technology Division have extensive experience and long track records in auditing, evaluating, and advising, helping companies gain knowledge of the status of IT in the development of their core businesses.

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Main Office Bogotá D.C.

Bogotá Business Development Center

Carrera 13 No. 97 - 76 Piso 6
PBX: +57(1) 256 6899
Bogotá, Colombia

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International Business Development Center

6355N.W. 36 St. Suit 401
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