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Auditing and Consulting for Business Information Systems

auditoria y consultoria en sistemas de informacion empresarial
This service uses models and procedures to verify the efficiency and effectiveness of information systems. We evaluate each level, starting with the physical resources and licensing, and moving on to specialized matters such as the accounting and financial system and the accompanying processes.

Our model produces findings and recommendations for an action plan that will align the findings with the company's overall architecture and its vision.

Companies are now highly dependent on technology and communications tools to develop their business models. Depending on how they build, prepare, and develop these tools, they may have weaknesses and vulnerabilities that, in criminal hands, could be exploited and lead to great losses for the organization.

Our Audit Service works hand-in-hand with the Technology Area, or can be an outside or independent evaluator of the process, finding weaknesses that could have a major impact and cause huge economic losses. We cover everything from the simplest architecture such as hardware and software, all the way to physical and facility security, looking into detail into human resources, the processes and procedures that accompany human resource management, and comprehensive logical security. Our specialized engineers are uniquely qualified for evaluating the status of your accounting and financial information system.

Our model covers findings, impacts, and recommendations to establish a preventive and corrective action plan that will help high-level management and technology managers feel secure and maintain confidence in their investment.

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Main Office Bogotá D.C.

Bogotá Business Development Center

Carrera 13 No. 97 - 76 Piso 6
PBX: +57(1) 256 6899
Bogotá, Colombia

Internacional Office Miami

International Business Development Center

6355N.W. 36 St. Suit 401
Miami, FL. 33166
PBX +1(305) 395 4922

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